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Tahoe again. It was worth the 8 hour (8 HOUR!!!) drive up through the snow on the 18'th, cause I got the best riding I've had in a long time. We stayed for three days, going to Homewood, Apline Meadows and Northstar on Saturday through Monday. Homewood had by far the most snow, about 3-4 feet of fresh untouched powder. At least it was untouched were I went out and then found the reason for it.... too flat.. up to the titties in fluffy pow that took me 15 minutes to get up from. [425] is from the top of the bowl in Homewood, overlooking Lake Tahoe. This run was as steep as I needed to end the day on the best note since as long as I can remember....
Day 2, Alpine Meadows... Once again, lucky in that the bowl seen in [426] opened up this morning and gave us a couple of nice almost untracked runs in what was a bit more windpacked, and less deep, powder. Then I lost Nick. Found him a few hours later. No harm done.
Day 3, Northstar. Tree riding. Less untracked snow, but pockets here and there in the sometimes to dense, but often nice woods. Probably the most fun riding, cause of the added difficulty of the trees. I wish I could've been there just after the dump.

All in all, a really good week end, and of course, the hot tub and beer was key to make us survive all three days.

425.   426.