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Just my freakin luck..... Dennis Busenitz is sweat talkin some girls in front of my "money shot" sequence of Ramondettas 'manny 3-flip out' :(
So, I took the BART, my board, camera gear and my bike to SF. The idea was to cruise around to see if I could find any good skaters to shoot pics of.... and man, was I lucky? After a cup of coffee with Arwa and Toisin, I stopped by 3up3down where I saw some of the REAL team sessioning. I climbed a container on the other side of the street and starting shooting squences of Ramondetta. For the below [270.] (and above mentioned) reason, I missed out on the only one he stuck... bummer!

Being a little bummed, not getting any decent tricks captured, I took of down Mission St. At the Mission/24st BART station, I met up with three dudes who sessioned the brick vert wall of the elevator house. These guys were nice enough to let me shoot some pics. Thanks a lot! (names will be posted later....)

The day ended with a single man session at the barrier and the adjecent curbs at farmers market... great ending on a great day. (more pics under "Pics")

270.     271.     272.