HA! I made a nice deal. Dan thought it was crap, it turned out to be sweet! For only $ 14.95, I swallowed a deal from Gevalia, the Swedish coffee brand, to test two types of coffee, the ones in [161.]. Expensive? Not really, since I got the coffee machine and the scoup along with it. The brochuer enclosed in the box I got had a lot of other stuff to sell so I guess this is a "first fix is free" kind of deal. Gevalia sell much more than coffee in this brocheur, for example some 10 different coffe machines, ranging from 30-300 dollars. The one I got was 90 bucks but I guess that is for show. Judging from the experience so far, the coffe is great (the breakfast blend) and the machine is so much better than the $40-piece-of-fucking-Target-crap I had b4!

160.     161.