Finally, my first time on the skateboard since I got to the US. I bought a new complete set-up last friday at a skateboard and music store in Livermore. An Element board as usual (Chris Senn 8"), in fact also element wheels. No surprise there, but that I ended up with a pair of element trucks was a little more surprising. So, Since Livermore skatepark is just 5 minutes (by car, everything is relative to driving time or distance in this country) from my office, I sneaked out yesterday to try it out. It was decent, with some interesting possibilities, a really nice curb, a really high curb and a really low manual-curb. The bowls and trannies where all a little too rugged to enjoy on the first visit. I guess I have to get used to that. All in all I sucked, mostly because it was a wind-chill so I didnít get the blood pumping as usual, but also since I had a new board (read new trucks) to overcome

I have no pics/movie of this park, but Iíll arrange a subpart of this page that will cover all parks and spots I visit in the near future.